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STAR Plan Analyzer

How It Works

“Have I saved enough?” We’d like to go one step further and ask, “Have you saved properly?"

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Receive a FREE tax analysis using our STAR Plan Analyzer to determine how much you are paying in today’s market.

Our favorite part! We build you a plan that saves you money and ensures you make the most of your retirement.

Take a closer look at The STAR Plan!

Introducing STAR – Strategic Transfer Approach to Retirement. Our software compares and identifies any money that is lost through current retirement plans and Social Security. From this analysis we are able to build a retirement plan that will thrive in any market condition.

See If Your Portfolio Will Last Over Your Lifetime 

Free Risk Tolerance Analysis

Every person is unique, from their DNA, to their personality, to their tolerance for risk. Completing this risk tolerance questionnaire gives you a great idea of how long your money will last and what options are available to you.