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About Main Stream Financial

Let’s make things clear - We are your financial professionals if…

You do not want to outlive your money. You want to know how much money you need to retire. Many people with money have said, “It’s not losing money that makes you rich”.

Medicare is confusing to you. You want to know about your Medicare eligibility. You just need the information necessary as to what is Medicare so you can make intelligent decisions that concern your healthcare. 

You want to control your retirement; you just don’t know how. At first, you will want to work on your bucket list and your draw down rate. Then, at some point, you will need to spend time thinking about potential healthcare costs.

You do not have a tax strategy in place. Retirement is the last place you need a tax increase. I have proprietary tools specifically created for people who do not have a tax strategy.

You are unsure when to claim your Social Security Benefits and you wonder is Social Security taxable. Studies have found that 40% of retirees wish they had delayed their benefits, having left hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table.

You think the spending rate in retirement distribution is not as important as the rate of return. This is the one area where you need to rewire your thinking about retirement income. Educate yourself on sequential rates of return and stable money.    

You want to control the volatility and fees of your investments, but no one will help you or you are asking the wrong person.

You are not prepared for the small things in your life becoming big things. I have 25 small things that have potential to be big, life changing things. Once you have your tax strategy in place, you need to preserve the nest egg.

You want 24/7/365 access to your money. Life does happen and the need for emergency funds becomes very real.

Meet Our Founder

Mark Hupe

I am the Founder and Managing Director at Main Stream Financial, Inc. I am a 24-year veteran of the financial services industry. I am highly regarded for my knowledge of tax free retirement income distribution, Social Security claiming and Social Security taxation issues, as well as Medicare choices pertaining to retirement plans and IRAs—but there is so much more to me! I received my B.S. Degree from the University of Kansas, where I met my beautiful wife, Carolyn. I am Kansas born, but have called Colorado home for the past 35 years. We currently reside in Highlands Ranch and have three wonderful grown children (amazing how quickly time passes, and no they don’t live with us), and two beautiful granddaughters.

As a gentleman who could be retired, I choose to continue to serve others through this practice because I believe there is more opportunity to serve people by helping them avoid the losses in their future than helping them pick the right investments, and hope they are a winner. I believe that those in retirement deserve peace of mind against unknown and unnecessary financial loss in retirement. It would be an honor to share my woes and victories with you in hopes that your victory comes soon, too. I look forward to meeting you and learning what is valuable to you. 

Core Values


We stand by you, educate you on your current situation, and explore what specific knowledge will be needed to succeed in your situation. 


We aim to help you achieve your best life possible by working alongside you, not just to make this possible.


We serve to be honest and transparent in every meeting. We treat your plan as if it were our own and keep your information safe.


We bring insight from the outside to help you avoid emotionally driven decisions in important money matters.


We will help you follow through on financial commitments and cheer you on to and through retirement. We focus on being client-centric and sensitive to you and the things you value most in life. Most importantly we are advocates for those preparing or in retirement.