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Will You Run Out Of Money?

Put Your Retirement Plan To The Test

I can give you a second opinion on your retirement plan. Reclaim the money you have transferred unknowingly or unnecessarily. These dollars will add significantly to your retirement portfolio.

The Truth About Medicare

Confused about Medicare?

Learn how to make sense of Medicare. This government sponsored health plan is nothing like choosing your individual or group health plan. Making a wrong choice with Medicare can be financially devastating.

What Is Your Tax Strategy?

A well designed tax strategy you control

Learn the three retirement plans and how they affect your future. Whether you believe tax rates will go up, go down, or stay the same, this short video will give you insight. This insight will give you the consequences of saving with the wrong retirement plan.  

Reclaim Your Social Security Benefit

Know if your benefits are being taxed yet again

Social Security was never meant to be taxed. Congress changed all of this starting in 1983 when they began taxing your benefits - again. Learn what is considered Social Security income and how to avoid it.

Money You Have Transferred Unknowingly

Transferred by taxes, interest and fees

Reclaim the money you have transferred throughout your life. Now your Social Security is being taxed and Medicare premiums are taking another bite out of your benefits. Where you money is, is more important than what it can earn. Learn how tax efficient savings can add money to your portfolio. 

When Small Things Become BIG Things

Protecting your portfolio

Understanding how a Power of Attorney or a beneficiary review or comparing homeowner's policies can protect your portfolio has been a low priority in the past. Learn why you should make it a very high priority now.

The Risks You Face

Risks you can avoid in retirement

Market, legislative and sequential returns risks can be avoided in retirement. Learn what the consequences are and how avoiding them will add money to your portfolio.

Things You Should Focus On

There are things matters that matter and things you can control

Generally speaking, folks are really concerned about things that frustrate them. Issues like taxes, healthcare, or running out of money matter to most everyone. Does it matter? Is it something you can control? Learn how you can control these concerns.